Let's Get 


to work.



I get the best out of people  with design methods & other

deliberative tools that change how we see ourselves,

each other, & 'the work.'

My clients believe in kindness, decency, & getting rid

of all the -isms.  They need help bringing multiple

perspectives together on a complex project, better 

understanding the people affected by a policy or service, or

figuring out what they want to be when they grow up. 



My Services.

Facilitation and workshops

I work frequently with multi-stakeholder collaboratives, bringing new initiatives into being or collectively navigating messy policy terrain.  I often find myself leading rooms of powerful people who don’t have to work together, but who need to if they want to solve a complex problem in which they are a stakeholder. 

Group process and conflict resolution

I work with intact groups of collaborators who recognize the highest performing teams are people first, employees, second.

My mediation practice is currently fully remote, and I am primarily focused on community groups, networks and organizations.



I lead online focus groups and other forms of citizen and customer engagement using participatory and deliberative methods that help people express preferences, articulate ummet needs, and explore potential tradeoffs. 

Coaching for women

I work in small groups and one-on-one with early and mid-career women who want more out of work.  That means doing your small part to disrupt the patriarchy’s grip on virtually everything in sight and putting a stop to behaviors at work that prop up others’ mediocrity. It’s fun - I promise!