• Abby

10 10-minute (or less) activities that will make your day 10 times more awesome

  1. Mini dance party - just have a playlist ready for this and do it. 2 or 3 songs are just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Randomly open up a book you underlined at least ten years ago and delight in your wisdom.

  3. Send 2 friends a long voice memo validating the s#$*(% out of them.

  4. Start a thrift store bag.

  5. 2 5-minute meditations? killing it.

  6. Do the 7 minute workout followed by a piece of dark chocolate.

  7. Purge condiments from your fridge - don’t even talk to me about cleaning the whole thing out. Just get rid of condiments - if you see crusty remnants on the outside of the bottle, buh bye.

  8. Write an email to yourself but as though it's to someone who is annoying you right now. Then let it go.

  9. Turn at least 1 zoom meeting into a phone call instead.

  10. Go outside for at least 5 minutes. Period.

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