• Abby

10 things to tell people when you want to keep your zoom video off during a meeting

Updated: Mar 8

  1. I’m so sorry I’m potty training my son right now #yikescovidsorry

  2. I’m eating dip and a burrito for lunch

  3. My background is just… no.

  4. My eyes are so screen tired they feel like I could peel them out of my face - you don’t want that do you?

  5. I can’t face your judgment right now

  6. Let’s focus more energy on what you’re bringing to this meeting

  7. I actually think we can all relax a little more this way

  8. Do you really want to feel bad about how impressive my diplomas are?

  9. Sorry, but I’m driving very safely right now.

  10. I’m mostly doing waist-down video these days, so…

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