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How to write an interview protocol for someone whose job you want without being creepy or amatuerish

I’ve said for years (and by years I mean at least weeks) that we’re all learning different things about remote networking during this ‘unprecedented time.’ That phrase is so 2020, but bear with me. Most people I work with are so bored of interacting with the same people all the time, and they are so done with zoom. All people I work with love hearing that they are just amazing for very specific reasons. These 3 facts are on your side!!!! Then...

  1. Show them you know how google works. Don’t ask people questions they’ve answered a million times publicly

  2. Think of really specific questions about an experience they’ve described publicly and find your “angle.” Are you asking this like you would of a mentor? A peer? A business colleague? Write your questions down, imagine someone you didn’t know was asking you those questions, edit them, and include in your email communication to this person.

  3. Direct them to your online presence so they can see that you’re a real person

  4. Read Molly Beck’s book Reach Out.

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