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On being mansplained by someone who’s paying you

This is a tough one because, well, I’m not going to be the one to judge your clients for you. I think my short answer is -- if you’re not sure if it’s a mansplain, start with Kim Goodwin’s handy chart. Once you’ve figured that out, ask yourself these questions: 1) Is there something within arm’s reach to punch? 2) Do I have a break after this meeting to punch something not within arm’s reach? 3) Is this guy actually the one paying me? 4) Do I want to take the time to perform the emotional labor of educating him non-confrontationally offline?

If yes to any of these, find something to punch, dance it out, and then make a decision.

If yes to the last one, go dance in a closet for a full 5 minutes until you warm up enough to get out of your head but not so much you have to change your shirt. As you re-emerge, reflect on the following: do you want to give him a piece of your mind or change his behavior? You’ll need to adjust your reaction depending on your answer. Know what I’m 'splaining?

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