• Abby

Patriarchal bizness wisdom of the week

Overhead in my laundry room (aka my virtual office): "Nothing gets me more excited than trying to kill an idea." Like NOTHING? Really dude? That's what rings your chimes?

Who told you to say that, tiger? This is not the nature channel. None of us want to live in your kill-or-be-killed hellscape. I get it - thicker skins, feedback is a gift, we need to avoid falling in love with our ideas so we aren't blind to their shortcomings. But seriously have you tried these gummy bears? They taste better than killing an idea - I promise. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Here's something that gets me excited: you not trying to show you can suck the blood of the weaklings, vampire predator. Try it out - the water's warm!

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